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Web of Science: Advanced Search Tips

Search History

Search History: Use when your search is complex. As you search for articles, you will find keywords you didn't think of at the beginning. For example, in the search below, the searcher began with deforest* but later added two synonyms - clearcut* and slash and burn. These three keywords can quickly be combined into one result set by clicking the boxes for searches #1, #2, and #3 (in red) and selecting the OR circle (also in red). The results are displayed in #7. Then the various geographical locations are combined (in green) - costa rica, honduras, and latin america. Finally, those two sets (#7 and #8) are combined using AND (Blue)


Save Searches and Citation Alerts

You can save a search you performed so that you can repeat it in the future. This is useful if you have a rather complex search statement and will likely repeat it again later. You can also have the system run your saved search periodically and send new citations (those enter into the database since you last performed the search) to your email box. 

You will need to establish a free account with Web of Knowledge before completing the setup.

More information on saved searches (four minute video)

More information on citation alerts (two minute video)

Exact Searching in Special Fields

When the "Select from Index" option appears, use it! This wizard will help you find the exact author, publication, institution, etc that you are trying to find. The exact spelling is very important when searching for authors, publication names, etc. This wizard take the guesswork out of formatting a proper search.