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What is a Citation Manager?

Citation managers, or bibliographic management software, can save you hours by keeping track of your sources and formatting your bibliographies.

Citation Managers

There are two options available for free to Calvin faculty, staff, and students: EndNote Web, and Zotero.  EndNote (desktop version) is available for faculty and staff through Calvin's IT department, but it does come from an academic technology budget and CIT does not provide technical support.

See below for a comparison of these three options, and the links above for more info on EndNote Web and Zotero.

Feature Comparison

   EndNote  EndNote Web  Zotero
 Cost  Limited copies are  available from CIT.  Contact the HelpDesk   for more information.  Free to Calvin users, via  Web of Knowledge  Free
 Web-based  No  Yes  Yes
 Save references from  Hekman Library  catalog  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Import references from  online databases  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Store references  online and share with  others  No  Yes  Yes
 MS Word integration  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Create custom  bibliographic styles  Yes  No  No, but can import  EndNote styles
 Links to local library  holdings  ?  Yes, but sometimes  unreliable  Yes
 Other  Available for Windows  and MacOS.  No tech  support available from  CIT.    Originally only available  as a Firefox plugin. As  of version 3.0, plugins  for Google Chrome and  Safari, as well as a  standalone version, are  available.

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Thanks to Jason Puckett of Georgia State University Library for significant portions of this guide.