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Media ethics 9th ed.

Popculture and Philosophy

Looking for the Popculture and Philosphy books Prof. Fackler mentioned in class?  Try these titles below!  Or search the library's catalog using the words "popular culture philosophy" and limit by Series.  They aren't located in one place so you'll need the call number to locate them.

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The Ethicist Podcast (New York Times)

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Exploring Ethics in Today's World


Once you start looking, questions of ethics are everywhere. Take a look. Here you'll find suggestions for exploring possible key questions AND ideas for research once you've chosen your question.

Key Questions

When can you use a stereotype in advertising and when is it unethical? 




Statement of Ethics from the American Marketing Association


Ideas for Exploring Key Questions

Here are some ethical questions from the NPR show, On the Media:

 More key question ideas:

Ethics in Computing: Real Ethics and Virtual Reality from Leeds Media Services on Vimeo.

NPR story - Faux Documentaries

When wildlife documentaries "jump the shark"

Can you make documentaries on giant extinct sharks and mermaids? What is your responsibility to your audience?

NPR Story - Swearing on Cable Dramas

NPR Story: What the $@**  is up on Cable these days?

What kind of language can or should be used in cable dramas? Should community feelings or attitudes be taken into account?

Ethics Blogroll

Still looking for a key question about ethics?  Maybe a post in one of these will help.

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