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Hekman Library Services for Distance Education - Calvin Theological Seminary: Distance Education Library Services - CTS

Library Services for CTS Distance Learning

Hekman Library is committed to providing students enrolled in Calvin Theological Seminary Distance Learning courses  with resources and services that are important for academic success, regardless of distance or location.    These services include access to:

  • Print and Electronic Books
  • Journal Articles
  • Interlibrary Loan Services
  • Reference and Research Assistance

Students enrolled in distance education classes should use the Hekman Library Home Page, with its convenient links to reference librarians for research assistance via email, telephone, or electronic chat.

The library maintains a full array of library subject guides, including a Religion and Theology Subject Guide.

Theological Librarians Lugene Schemper and Paul Fields are available for assistance in the areas of theology and religion, but all of the librarians at Hekman Liibrary are readily at your service.

FAQs - Be sure to check the FAQ tab (above) for frequently asked questions regarding Hekman Library and Distance Education.

Quick Links to Library Resources

Subject Guide

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Hekman Library, HL 423
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