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Library Catalog: Finding Books

Where to Look for Book Location


"Location" indicates what collection the item belongs to. An item in the general collection will be found in the main shelving locations of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors. 

Other collections may have different locations. Information about collections:

"Shelving Location"

The shelving location indicates where you should go in the Hekman Library to find the item. 

2nd Floor: Reference, Cayvan Recorded Media, Heritage Hall, Government Documents, Microform, Reserves (circulation desk)

3rd Floor: General Collection (Call Nos. D-HX), Recreational Reading, New Books, Graphic Novels, Periodicals

4th FloorTheology Reference, General Collection (Call Nos. A-CT) Meeter Center, Ministry Resource Center

5th FloorGeneral Collection (Call Nos. J-Z), Children's Literature, Folio (large books)

E-books and E-journals

What if "Location" says E-book? See Accessing E-books or our E-book LibGuide for help. 

Reading Library of Congress Call Numbers

Hekman Library uses the Library of Congress system for call numbers. If the book's record displays the call number LB2395 .C65 1991, on the book's spine the letters and numbers will be organized into 4 lines, as you see in the picture on the left. 

Line 1: Letters  -  The letters at the top of a call number indicate the item's subject. The first line is shelved alphabetically, with L coming before LA coming before LB

Line 2: Numbers  -  The first group of numbers in a call number should be read as whole numbers, so 29 comes before 250 which comes before 2395

Line 3: Letters and Numbers  -  This line is usually a combination of letters and numbers, but it can also be just letters or just numbers. Read the letters in alphabetical order, but note the decimal: numbers in this line are read like decimals. Thus, .C65 comes before .C7 which comes before .C768. Even when there is no decimal point in the call number, this line is still read as a decimal. There may be two lines that are a combination of letters and numbers (see book record above).

Line 4: Numbers  -  This number is the publication date of the book. Read as a whole number, with 1991 coming before 2001.

You may see a v.1, v.2, etc. at the end of a call number. This indicates the volume number. Similarly, c.1, c.2, etc. are for multiple copies of an item.