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Library Catalog: Numeric Search

Numeric Searches

Possible Uses for Numeric Searches

1. Use ISBN to see if the library has a particular edition of an item

2. Use Call Number to browse the shelves, i.e. see all of the books shelved around a certain call number. 

3. Use Item Barcode to find quick, accurate information about publisher, date, other editions, etc. of a Hekman Library book that you have with you. 

When to use Numeric Searches

General users may not find much use for the numeric search function. Use Numeric Search if you know a book's ISBN number, barcode, call number, or other identification code and would like to see a) if the library owns it and b) where it is located in the library collection. 

  • ISBN - International Standard Book Number, or the unique 13-digit code given to each edition of a book. 
  • ISSN - International Standard Serial Number, the unique 8-digit number assigned to each periodical, designed to help distinguish between different media forms
  • Call Numbers - The specific set of letters and numbers that classifies and locates an item in the collection. The Hekman Library uses the Library of Congress system (see Finding Books for more information). 
  • LCCN - Library of Congress Control Number, a serial number assigned to a book by the Library of Congress for cataloging purposes only
  • TCN - Title Control Number
  • Item Barcode

See below for examples of where to find some of these numbers on a book's record page. In a physical book, look for the library's barcode on the first page of the book, just inside the cover. The call number should be on the books' spine, or on the top left of the cover for particularly thin books. A book's ISBN is typically found on the back cover, above the commercial barcode.

Locating Numbers on Book Records