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Resources related to CRCNA's Human Sexuality Report

Resources relating to the report of the CRCNA Synod-approved (2016) Committee to Articulate a Foundation-laying Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality.


Recognizing that we are awash in information and, at times, adrift in an information-rich environment that is hard to navigate, this research guide provides ready access to documents related to Committee to Articulate a Foundation-laying Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality's 2020 report (HSR). This guide links to documents referenced to or alluded to in the report. It also provides access to documents that engage with or respond to the report.

If a document is deemed related or important and is missing from this research guide, please consider this an accidental oversight. The presence of a document, particularly in the Response section, does not indicate endorsement. Additions and corrections may be directed to the David Malone (see contact information below).

NOTE: Materials listed in this guide are presented to facilitate debate and dialogue. Linking to documents does not indicate approval by or agreement with all documents by the leadership or office-bearers of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and its churches, Calvin Theological Seminary, or Calvin University. 

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