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English 101A (Zwart) - Spring 2021: Home

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Welcome to Your ENGL 101 Research Guide

Welcome to your online library guide for doing research in English 101! 

See the tabs above for an overview of major library resources and specific suggestions for this class.  Link to class presentation (3/26/21).

Also, if you could use even more tips on researching, check out our YouTube channel

Class Discussion: Source Comparison

Let's compare/contrast these sets of sources, considering questions such as:

  • Who is the audience? (General readers, students, scholars / academics...)
  • What's the scope? (Broad, narrow, shallow, deep...)
  • What seems to be the source's purpose? (To report, explain, analyze, comment/editorialize, persuade...)
  • Any clues to the publication process? (Is it self-published, crowd-sourced review, reviewed by a professional or academic editor, peer-reviewed...?)

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3: