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Resources for Anti-racism study

A resource guide to aid in understanding and facilitating "anti-racism" in an effort to further progress toward a multi-cultural Christian community.

Though "anti-racism" may, at first, sound negative, it is a positive term that can be useful as it alerts us to the fact that progress toward the ultimate end—a genuinely multicultural Christian community—requires more than eloquent rhetoric and good intentions. It requires intentionally combating deeply ingrained impediments to interracial justice, reconciliation and partnership.

Calvin University has been intentionally addressing diversity and inclusion since 1985, this is borne out through the adoption of the From Every Nation document (2004) that followed the Christian Reformed Church in North America taking steps in 1999 to become identified as an “anti-racist” organization. The university, as well as churches within the denomination, was encouraged to incorporate an anti-racist lens into its work and policies. The university has recommitted itself to strengthening its diversity and inclusion efforts as articulated in the Strategic Plan: Calvin 2019 by providing a tactical framework that the Calvin community can use to achieve the excellence derived from full engagement with diversity.

Text influenced by Calvin's Diversity & Inclusion FAQ (

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