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Silk Road / History of the West & the World to 1500 C.E. (HIST151)

HIST 151 is a survey of early world history, from the late Paleolithic era down to the beginnings of European overseas expansion, about 1500 CE. The course highlights the development of agrarian societies, the evolution of the world’s major religious and

Useful Starting Points - Encyclopedias

Useful Starting Points - Articles and Databases

Useful Starting Points - Books

Reference Sources at Hekman

We have many academic, college-level encyclopedias in our Print Reference collection on the 2nd floor of the library.  To find relevant titles on your topic in that collection, search the library catalog by keyword or subject, and limit the collection to Reference.  (Or add the term "encyclopedia" as a search term.) 

The library also has access to a number of online reference sources.  The major collections of these online resources are represented in the tabs above.

Logo - Text "Britannica Academic" in white and yellow lettering in a dark teal box with a light blue design near the upper-left corner.For an alternative to Wikipedia, try Encyclopedia Britannica, a well-known, general-purpose academic encyclopedia.  (Like Wikipedia, it typically should not be cited in your speech or sources, but it could give you another background resource to get started.)

Logo - Text "GVRL Research Matters" in white and black lettering in an orange box with a black strip on the left containing "GALE" in white lettering.Through Gale Virtual Reference Library, we have access to over 100 authoritative encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, almanacs and other reference materials on a range of topics, from religion to business to history.

Search tip: Limit your search by Audience to "Academic." 

Logo - Text "Oxford Reference" and other in white lettering in dark teal box to the right of a multicolored tree graph on an orange floor and against a light blue background.We have access to over 30 titles through the Oxford Online Reference platform.  Topics focus mostly on the humanities.

Search tip: Limit your search by Availability to "unlocked" and "free."  This will return results only from reference titles we have access to.

SAGE Knowledge iLogo - Text "SAGE knowledge" in purple lettering and to the left is a purple S in a purple oval.ncludes encyclopedias and other reference works on social science topics.  We have access to over 40 titles through this database.

Search tip: Limit your search to "Available to Me." 
This will give you access only to the titles our library has purchased.