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Black Death / History of the West & the World to 1500 C.E. (HIST151)

The second-known plague/pandemic, the Black Death was the deadliest pandemic known in human history. Also known as (also known as the "Pestilence, the Great Mortality, or the Plague," Black Death killed anywhere from 75 to 200 million people across the kn

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Videos for Citation How-Tos

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The History Department uses Notes and Bibliography, so focus on 2:30-4;06 for this video.

Links for Citation How-Tos

Click the images above to view videos by Laurier Library on how to cite in these most common citation styles, and explore the links below for sample papers from Purdue Owl's site. For full explanations and examples on even more styles, look for their citation style guides in the library's collection, online or in print.

What's a Bibliography?

There's another part to citing your sources that comes at the end of your paper - the Bibliography, also called the Works Cited or the References. This is your master list of every source you have referred to in your paper, with every item listed and formatted according to whatever citation style you are using. A bibliography is required for proper citation, in addition to all the in-text parentheses or footnotes, so don't forget! You may also sometimes be assigned to write an Annotated Bibliography - for this, you'll take your list of citations and write some description and analysis for each source. For any case, if you have any questions about formatting, remember that you can consult the appropriate citation style manual for examples and detailed instructions on how to create your bibliography. Also, if you are using Zotero, you can look for the plugin button in Word or Google Docs to "Add/Edit Bibliography" to import citations directly from your Zotero library (see the How Do I Manage My Sources? page for more on Zotero).