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COMM 141 (Visual Rhetoric): Find Research About Persuasive Campaigns

Other Search Terms

Again, remember to be flexible and creative with your search terms!  

For researching public health campaigns and health communication, you could try:

  • Public health communication
  • Health promotion
  • Health risk communication
  • Communication in medicine

Or for broader understandings of PSAs, advertising, media, and/or visual rhetoric, you might try these terms:

  • Advertising, Public service
  • Public service advertising
  • Public service announcements
  • Media campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Visual communication

Campaign and Sponsor Websites

It's unlikely that you will find research directly related to your chosen persuasive campaign.  But it may exist; you could still check on the website of your campaign or its sponsoring organization or agency.  (Look for links to areas such as "About" or "Resources.")

Scholarly Journal Articles

Search for scholarly research about persuasive campaigns using these databases:

Other Resources

If you're using GoogleScholar from off-campus, watch this video on how to link your Google search to Hekman Library to activate the Full-Text@Hekman service:

Youtube Video - How to Link Google Scholar to Hekman Library

Chasing Citations

Use this handout to help you know how to search for bibliographic citations: