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Bible Commentaries

Librarian-curated guide for finding and using Bible Commentaries

Recommended Commentary Series

Tips for Searching

To find Bible Commentaries in the library catalog, try a Subject Search, using this pattern:

         Bible [book of Bible] commentaries

EX: For commentaries on the book of Genesis, select "Subject" from the drop-down menu by the search box (by default, it searched "Keyword") and type in "Bible genesis commentaries"

Special Resource: Commentary Surveys

Biblical commentaries vary widely, with different interpretative points of view, and varied emphases. Some will have a greater interest in historical or literary or theological issues; some may be more focused on devotions or preaching applications. Some may identify with a particular denomination or doctrinal background, and it's not always stated clearly up front. You can evaluate Bible commentaries by researching their authors/publishers, reading carefully for the commentary's purpose, or finding more information in commentary surveysReviews of Biblical Literature (RBL), a database maintained by the Society of Biblical Literature, contains many reviews of different commentaries online, and check out also these surveys in the library here: