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CRC History and Synod

Librarian-curated guide for CRC History and Synod resources.

What are the Agendas and Acts of CRC Synod?

The Agendas and Acts of Synod are the documents which contain the minutes and proceedings of this important annual church conference. Synod is an important part of the CRC's church governance, when groups of local churches (classis) get all together to debate and decide on issues related to the denomination as a whole. Issues range widely from missions and pastoral ministries, race and gender relations, etc. The resources below provide much of the history and record of the CRC Synods.

Minutes and Proceedings of CRC Synods

The Agendas and Acts of CRC Synods can be found in various forms and locations. The print copy of the Index [to] Synodical Decisions, 1857-2000 is in Hekman Library here: BX6820 .A32 2001You can also view this index online as a pdf through the CRC's official website here.

Read below for more information about the library's bound copies of all the Acts and Agendas, going back to 1857, or you can view many of the individual Acts and Agendas which have been digitized through our library database. Click here for the Acts and Agendas from 1881-1998, and for 1999-present, see Synod Resources on the CRC website here.


For 1857-1880:

Minutes of the Highest Assembly of the Christian Reformed Church, 1857-1880. BX6820 .A3 1857-80

  • The text of this printing is indexed in the Index to Synodical Decisions, 1857-2000 (and therefore may be useful) but there is a better online transcription with accompanying interlinear English translation (see next item).

Minutes of the Highest Assembly of the Christian Reformed Church, 1857-1880. BX6820 .A3 1857-1880 ENG 2000

  • Book consists of typed transcriptions taken from the handwritten notes of the clerk of the Assembly and the side-by-side English translation. This transcribed volume has accompanying interlinear English translation with original pagination maintained

To view Hekman Library's digitized scans of these minutes (specifically 1857-1880), click here.

For 1881-1930:

Acta van de Synode der Christelijke Gereformeerd Kerk BX 6820 .A3 1881-1930

  • Acts of Synod for these years are in the Dutch language, with some English language reports and other materials appearing in the proceedings from the 1920s. The Acts for these years are variously entitled (with minor variations): Handelingen van de Synodale Vergadering der Hollandsche Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk, Synodale Handelingen der Hollandsche Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk [in Amerika], Acta van de Synode der Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk [in Amerika] 1896-1930.

  • English translations of these years can be found in the library and Heritage Hall (BX6820 .A3 En)

For 1932- present:

Acts of Synod 1932 - . BX6820 .A3

AGENDA FOR SYNOD: 1904 - present

Agenda for Synod. BX6820 .A321

  • Prior to 1986, the Agenda for Synod was reprinted, with new pagination, in the Acts of Synod for each year. From 1986 on, the Agenda and Acts for each year are bound together with continuous pagination.