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Diversity Readings

This guide will provide reading suggestions for diversity months

Featured Books on Diversity

Tips for Searching

Pro tip: Spend extra time brainstorming keywords to cover more ground in your searches!

Remember, "diversity" is a broad subject - you can make a more targeted search by focusing on more specific topics and choosing more specific keywords, like "workplace discrimination" or "media representation." Also keep in mind that many diverse groups have multiple naming conventions, so you might want to try looking up "black" and "african american" or "hispanic" and "latino," etc.

Pro tip: Try searching by subject headings as well as keywords!

Subject headings are library tags you can search by to find resources categorized by topics. In the library catalog, you can see an item's subject headings in its detailed record and click on those to search for more related resources. Here are some of the most common subject searches you could try for diversity topics:

Recommended Databases for Diversity Research