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Engineering 101 - The Right Tool for the Right Job: In-Class Assignment

Locate Relevant Articles

These are a few of this year's senior design projects. Find and search the database(s) in parentheses looking for two relevant articles. Use the Fulltext @ Hekman link to determine if the item is available electronically. 

  1. We are going to design and prototype a anarobic digestor to create methane gas from pig, cow, or human waste for the purpose of heating and cooling homes and for cooking. (Engineering Research Database and SpringerLink)
  1. We are designing a thermally regulated prosthetic leg for transtibial amputees.(Medline)
  1. We are designing a plant that synthesizes biodiesel from restaurant grease (Engineering Research Database and SpringerLink)
  1. Design an absorption process that will absorb dyes from textile wastewater (Engineering Research Database)
  1. Design a UV disinfection system for a wastewater treatment plant (Engineering Research Database and SpringerLink)
  1. Design a photobioreactor using algae to sequester CO2 from the air and produce fuels (Engineering Research Database)