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Librarian-curated research guide for English resources.

Welcome to the Research Guide for English!

This guide will give you suggestions for specific library resources to consult in your English work and research, as well as recreational reading - find also tips for searching, more specifically for writing and publishing and linguistics, and getting more help from your research librarian!

Photograph of student writing on paper on a desk with a lot of books around.


Special Collection: Recreational Reading

Just looking to read for fun? The gallery below shows you some of the new books in our Recreational Reading collection, which you can browse on the 3rd floor of the library (by the comfy couches!) You can also look up materials from this collection in our catalog - just use the Limit options under the search box on the catalog page to change "In Hekman Library" to "Recreational Reading." 

New Books in Recreational Reading

Book Cover - Title in white lettering over foliage fading into a blur of blue, green, and black.
Book Cover - Title in white lettering over image of a red coat suspended over a pair of shoes against a red background.
Book Cover - Title in black lettering in pale blue and orange oval framed by black, with thin black lines running between letters of the title.
Book Cover - Title in white lettering over bird's-eye illustration of a suburb.
Book Cover - Title in grey lettering over photograph of back of a girl's head and one shoulder, against a light grey background.
Book Cover - Title in black lettering in between white window shutters against an orange background.
Book Cover - Title in yellow lettering over monochrome image of a girl's head, her hair become a flock of black birds.
Book Cover - Title in faded yellow letters over illustration of a person with a red umbrella walking on the ridge of a mountain against a dark night sky.

What's in This Guide?