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Geology and Geography, Environmental Science and Studies (GEO)

Librarian-curated research guide for GEO resources.

Recommended Reference Sources

Book Cover - Title in blue lettering against a pale grey background with a horizontal red and blue stripe running through it.
Book Cover - Title in light yellow and white lettering over image of an iceberg in the sea.
Multiples of the same book, with a black and blue cover.
Book Cover - Title in black lettering above an illustration of a machine against a dark blue background.

Recommended Web Sources

*USGS Publications Warehouse provides access to over 160,000 publications written by USGS scientists over the century-plus history of the bureau. One can find publications here that are online only (USGS Library stopped adding online only publications to their collection in 2009).

Special Resource: Atlases

Book Cover - Title in white lettering above a collage of different mountainous areas above a larger photograph of a mountain range.
Book Cover - Title in black lettering underneath an image of the globe that casts a shadow onto a white background.