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Geology and Geography, Environmental Science and Studies (GEO)

Librarian-curated research guide for GEO resources.

New Books in GEO

Book Cover - Title in white lettering over a bird's eye view photograph of a massive crowd of people.
Book Cover - Title in light lettering above two grey-scaled photographs of rivers against a dark blue background.
Book Cover - Title in black lettering over a picture of a cloudy sky with several small trees in the corner.
Book Cover - Title in white and blue lettering over a black-and-white image of a ship at sea.
Book Cover - Title in white lettering in black stripe above a collaged stripe of images over a ivory-shaded map of the world.
Book Cover - Title in white lettering over a blurred photograph of a street intersection.
Book Cover - Title in red and orange lettering above three pictures of Chinese landscapes over a photograph of green mountains.

Tips for Browsing

The Hekman Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System. Each subject area has a combination of letters followed by numbers, then more letters, and possibly a publication date. This is referred to as the "call number." Here is the way the call numbers are structured in Geography, Geology, and Environmental Science.

Browse in these call number areas (3rd floor) to find resources on Geography:

Call Number Subject
G General, including atlases, globes, and maps
GA Cartography

Physical geography, including Geomorphology, Hydrology and Natural Disasters

GF Human ecology

Browse in these call number areas to find Geology and Environmental Science resources:

Call Number Subject
QE (5th floor) Geology
GE (3rd floor) Environmental Science/Studies

Not Finding What You're Looking For?

Even if Hekman Library doesn't own a particular book or article that you need, you can borrow or get a copy from another library through our MeL and ILL sharing services. Just use the links below to search outside of Hekman's holdings and make requests - if you have any questions or problems, the librarians are always available to help!