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Using Hekman Library Online

Overview of resources available and research strategies for library learning online

What is citation for and how do I do it?

Why do we cite information in our research projects and papers? Remember, good information often comes from the hard work and study of other scholars, and we practice integrity in our studies when we give credit to those whose work we have used and has helped us learn. Not only that, but we provide a pathway for others to learn from by showing where we got our information, if our readers would like to know more. 

Citing sources can be tricky - it is managed with different methods called styles, which outline all the rules we should follow in formatting our citations. There are many different styles used in the scholarly world, but some of the most common styles are MLA, Chicago (sometimes called Turabian), and APA. Many professors have particular styles that they require you to use in your assignments, mainly because certain styles are more preferred in that subject. For example, the most common styles for English, History, and the Arts are MLA and Chicago/Turabian, while APA is the most common for many of the Sciences, like Nursing.

It is very important to follow the right style rules for every source you cite! Where can you find these rules? Use some of the quick links below for resources to help you cite your sources online or check out our library guide for Citation 101 for more!              

Quick Citation Tools

You can ask a librarian or visit the Rhetoric Center to walk through citations with personal help!