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Using Hekman Library Online

Overview of resources available and research strategies for library learning online

Research at Hekman

What does it mean to be a good researcher? What makes a good research paper? 

Is it how technical you make your topic? Is it how quickly you find an article? Is it how many pages you write for your paper?

Research is more than just finding answers to a question - it's about becoming a part of a conversation among scholars and entering a community of learning. To be a good research and do good research means not just being efficient and smart about your academic work but also insightful and even faithful. Our goal at Hekman Library is to help you develop into a Wise Scholar, to become not just proficient in the practices of good research but also thoughtful in the values of a good researcher.

These pages will explore the Research Process using some of the ideas of the Wise Scholar, with the Work of Scholarship (Questioning, Searching, Evaluating, Using, and Sharing) and The Character of Scholarship (Wonder, Persistence, Discernment, Integrity, and Humility), and advice about what to do and also what mindset to go into in each aspect of your project. For more on the Wise Scholar framework, talk to librarians Amanda Matthysse and Sarah Kolk.

Wise Scholar: Values and Practices of Good Research

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