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Librarian-curated guide for Music resources.

Featured Print Reference Sources

Book Cover - Title in maroon and grey lettering over an image of a woman singing against a white background.
Book Cover - Title in white and maroon lettering in a black strip over a photograph of a choir performing in a large, crowded theater.
Book Cover - Title in black lettering underneath several different musical instruments against a white background with teal borders on the bottom.
Book Cover - Title in black lettering in a tan box over a photograph of a woman singing into a microphone.
Book Cover - Title in green and red lettering in a yellow stripe in between a collage of images of people playing instruments.

Recommended Web Resources

The Library of Congress houses many musical instruments, sheet music, music recordings, and more related to music - and a lot of it can be viewed or listened to online! This is a great way to find primary sources, or originals, for music research. Check out all their collections here, particularly some of these highlights:

  • National Jukebox (historical sound recordings, music performances and talks of numerous genres)
  • Musical Instruments at the Library of Congress (information and images of the musical instruments collected by the Library of Congress)
  • Omaha Indians Music (selections from the American Folklife Center's materials on Omaha music traditions)
  • Leonard Bernstein (personal papers, musical sketches from the famous composer's life)
  • Amazing Grace (an audio history of the hymn) 
  • Dayton C. Miller Collection (historical and global collection of flutes and music, books, images of flutes)


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