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PUBH395 Library Guide

Library guide for Public Health capstone course Spring 2022

Welcome to the Library Guide for PUBH395!

In this guide, you'll find recommended resources in the library that you can use for your public health capstone research. Remember, you can always visit or message your Public Health Librarian, Amanda Matthysse (or choose from our list of research librarians with different subject specialties, like communication studies or religion, here).

Getting Started

If you are looking for topic ideas or need more introductory information to begin your research, try consulting reference materials like encyclopedias. The links here will connect you with scholarly encyclopedias focused specifically on public health topics - search their entries to learn more about your general topic and use any entry's bibliography to find more sources for further reading.

[In the resources below, click "Access full-text resource" to navigate to the publication. You can see topics covered at a glance by clicking the Table of Contents tabs.]

Recommended Databases

Exploring public health, ethics, and faith

If you are looking for more introductory information for the faith portion of your research, try browsing theological encyclopedias or dictionaries. Connect to these scholarly resources through the links here - again, you can search their entries to get more background for your topic and use any entry's bibliography to find more sources for further reading.

If you're interested in applying a specific Bible passage to your research, explore our Commentaries guide below (Commentaries are written by Bible scholars, walking through individual books of the Bible and offering expert historical, literary, and theological analysis).

If you're looking for church-based information, you might want to investigate the websites for the major Reformed denominations. In particular, the Christian Reformed Church has extensive resources on social justice that connect to Biblical principles. Use the links below to connect: