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Hekman Library for Student Success Tutors

Librarian-crafted quick guide to the library and the research process for Student Success

Welcome to the Library Guide for Student Success!

In this guide, you'll get the low-down on resources and services in the library that you can use yourself and recommend to your fellow students. The tabs on the left will help you answer some broad questions you may have or that you may be asked, with details from how to find a book using call numbers to how to request a PDF copy of an article through Interlibrary Loan. There's lots of info here, but if you have any more questions or suggestions, remember you can always visit or message your Student Learning Librarian, Amanda Matthysse (or choose from our list of research librarians with different subject specialties, like languages or sciences, here).

What is a library?

Quote from Albert Einstein about the importance of libraries, background of a brick wall, with a bookshelf in the shape of a human head

Oxford English Dictionaries defines a library as "a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for use or borrowing by the public or the members of an institution." The important elements here are the variety of materials and their purpose for public use. You can find lots of things at a library, and you do not have to pay to use them - all you need is to bring your library card to check out items and bring them back in good condition within the time they are due. You may also have the option to renew an item that is due back (as long as no one else has requested it). If your items are returned late, damaged, or are lost, you may have to pay the library a small fee, so you do have to watch out for that. Libraries are run by library staff (which may include student workers) and librarians - they keep everything in the library organized and help you find and use what information you need. In a nutshell, libraries are all about access to information and helping you become a discerning scholar!‚Äč

What's in This Guide?