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Hekman Library for Student Success Tutors

Librarian-crafted quick guide to the library and the research process for Student Success

Library Help

If there's one take-away for you and your fellow students to remember, it's that they don't have to struggle on their own - the library offers personal research help in several different ways (online, in person, etc.), answering all kinds of questions. Students may not reach out if they feel a bit embarrassed asking for help, so you can show them that it's not so scary to come to the library or talk to the library staff by pointing out all these help resources to them or even walking in with them. Let's build connections to help everyone succeed!

What if I need more help?

No matter what you are working on, what kind of questions you have, what stage you're at, just remember that the library is there to help you! The librarians and library staff love getting to know students, helping them have a better experience at the library and have an easier time with their research assignments! And there are lots of different ways you can get some the help you need:

Remember the other research help tools Hekman has on their website, which you can look at any time for answers and ideas - Research Guides (lists made by the librarians, which give sources and recommendations for starting research on different topics) and Tutorials (videos made by the librarians which demonstrate how to use lots of different library tools and resources).

Also, remember the library is home to other groups that are there to help you - the Rhetoric Center (on the second floor of the library, where you can meet with student Rhetoric Consultants to get help on writing and citing your research papers) and CIT (in the basement level of the library, where you can bring all your printing and computer issues).