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Music and Worship: A CICW Guide

Librarian-curated to Music and Worship resources and info from the CICW

Featured Books on Music and Worship

Reimaging Worship
The Hymnal: A Reading History
The Music Architect
Becoming What We Sing
The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
Jesus Rocks the World: The Definitive History of Contemporary Christian Music
Christian Congregational Music
The Biblical Foundations of Christian Worship

Tips for Browsing

Browse in the BV5-530 call number area (4th floor) to find books on Worship (public and private):

Call Number Subject
BV30-135  Times and seasons (the church year)
BV150-168 Christian symbols and symbolism
BV169-199 Liturgy and ritual
BV200 Family worship
BV205-287 Prayer
BV301-530 Hymnology

Special Resource: Hymnals and Hymnology

Subject headings are often a more accurate and comprehensive way of searching for a topic than keyword searching. Subject headings can be found on the left-hand column of search results in the catalog, or at the end of a book's catalog entry.


Here are some sample subject searches:


Try general searches like "church music, worship, music in churches" and also try searching by denomination or place ("church music, Lutheran Church" or "worship, Germany"), by musical style ("gospel music, contemporary Christian music"), and by liturgy or time of year("Epiphany music, Easter music")

To browse the shelves for books about hymns and also for actual hymns, look for these call number sections:

BV301-BV590 (4th floor main collection and 4th floor MRC) - Hymnology

  • This area includes books with words only (even though tunes are indicated), and books which discuss hymn writers and the origin and meaning of hymns.

M2115-M2146 (5th floor main collection and 4th floor MRC) - Hymnals and Hymn Collections

  • The fifth floor main collection has our most comprehensive collection of hymnals. We have classified "hymnal companions" so that they sit next to their corresponding denominational hymnals on the shelves. The MRC has some hymnal resources not found in the general collection.‚Äč

By denomination (U.S.):

Call Number Subject
M2119 Catholic
M2120 Orthodox
M2122-2132 Protestant
M2122 Baptist
M2123 Congregational
M2124 A-Z
M2124.C55 Christian Reformed
M2124.D7 Dutch Reformed (Ref. Church in America)
M2124.G3 German Reformed (Ref. Church in the U.S.)
M2125 Episcopal
M2126  Lutheran
M2127 Methodist
M2128 Moravian
M2130 Presbyterian
M2129 Mormon
M2131.A-Z Other denominations
M2132.A-Z Multi and non-denominational hymnals (U.S.) by language, A-Z

Not Finding What You're Looking For?

Even if Hekman Library doesn't own a particular book or article that you need, you can borrow or get a copy from another library through our MeL and ILL sharing services. Just use the links below to search outside of Hekman's holdings and make requests - if you have any questions or problems, the librarians are always available to help!