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Music and Worship: A CICW Guide

Librarian-curated to Music and Worship resources and info from the CICW

Dig Deeper into Multicultural Worship

In Christ, we are one body, and there is great beauty in our diverse members! If you are interested in worship and worship music in different cultures, languages, time periods, and geographies, you can find lots of resources at the Hekman Library. In the Ministry Resource Center, you will find hymnals and other books on different worship traditions, and in the Cayvan Music Collection, you'll find CDs with worship styles from African American gospel to Taize chanting. Here on this page are a few more particular resources you may also find helpful in learning more about multicultural worship, or remember, you can ask your research librarian for more help finding what you're looking for.

Featured Books on Diverse Worship

Book cover - white title on blue background with image of globe circled by lines of music
Book cover - red and purple title on white banner over color image of black church choir
Book Cover - Title in blue lettering over a photograph of a bell tower with five bells.
Book Cover - Title in white lettering on a red background below a photograph of a corner of a pagoda roof.
Book Cover - Title in black lettering against a parchment-colored background with a faint illustration of the earth.
Book Cover - Title in white lettering in a red and orange oval in between two photographs of people in brightly colored clothing.
Book Cover - Title in white lettering over an illustration of priests and congregation standing in a cathedral.
Book Cover - Title in indigo lettering in a cream stripe over a religious stained glass image.

Other Featured Sources